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12 January 2014 @ 03:48 am
It's so sad, the reality of college hits hard when your closest friends end up being total strangers within a few months. then you have passive catfights.
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10 January 2014 @ 04:35 am
I haven't used live journal in forever, since i'm mostly on my tumblr now a days.
09 September 2010 @ 01:24 pm
I'm sorry that I have been neglecting you LJ, I found a new lover, and I believe I'll use it more often than I'm using you. LJ is more for my manga/personal ideals for help with digital art a bit. I'll check on you a little bit, but if you guys want to check up on me more, I'm more on my dA and my Tumblr since Tumblr is my blogging site, it's mostly up to date on my life, emotions, rants mostly everything.

don't worry LJ you haven't completely disappeared from my life just yet <3 I been to busy though. -sigh-
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03 January 2010 @ 04:05 am
ok, it's a new year and it's about time for me to do so! now it's about it's a new way to update this thing... can you guess? nah, i proably guess you won't. Because i'm typing on my dsi! hehe cool right? it takes awhile. anyway, a lot of things happened in 2009 but, it's i'm hoping this year would be a lot better, and exciting! also i'm hoping that i can continute to improve on my grades...art... and being more confident about myself. [: uhh... maybe become more of a geek! lol... i don't know... well i'm going to also improve on my health, (no more all junk food all the time), my very bad procastination moments, like someone who`s actually my taste, give an actual present to all my friends! (i`m a horrible person T_T;) /emo, uhh umm stop sleeping late, stop feeling like i`m imtimdated by other people art, and think that my art is shit. also i got to stop being so modest, meaning accepting compliments! [: lololololol nah i still won't. anyways started the year by staying up till 5 on the first day(also ate like there's no tomorrow), be a slomp on and do my homework tonight/morning and later today going to my aunts birthday party... i say... dam! espcially when my break has been pretty packed... chasing little cousins... cousins embarassing their brothers with confessions of love (they're both aborable(;) @}-`-- umm my other 'cousin' who can't stop but love being around me! im rambling arent i?... maybe cause i haven't updated my blog for two months ]=... also before our break didn't offically started we had a party at my house [: uhhh... i'll tell you this it... was amazing... dammit with me and flirting my *** off! ò_ó¡¡ for gawsh sakes i need to lay low ob that seriously. anyways so off topic again. i want to say i love my fiends so much and miss them and hoping that i'll see them at school on monday! (: uhh enough my wall of text! /goes to sleep

byeeeeeee ily people! & 「good night」
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10 June 2009 @ 05:29 pm
But I must say that my middle school life is ending within 2 day since i offically graduate this friday (:
I'm so happy, and upset about it too. I mean this year was so quick... I mean i could still remember when we were just starting 8th grade and a lot of pressure has been pushed on us just because we were retarded "all gamed fighing" 7th grades last year. But look at us now; were all excited about going to our dance; and our picnic I'm so happy (: I mean since we actually passed through the exams already. We just have one more day of exams but it'll be okay. A L S O We're getting our yearbooks; OUR LAST FOMS YEARBOOK ;___; it's so pretty that I took part of the Yearbook club.It looks so much better than last years. I mean because it's so much neater and THE STUDENTS we're the ones working on it instead of the companies that just load all of them and not putting any thought on how it looks. Am I getting side track? I like talking to myself on the internet so shut up. lol.

But graduating is such an emotional event for us. it makes me want to cry so bad & I want to smile that we actually did it. 8th grade have so much memories that I think I'll keep them forever, no matter what; the good or the bad. I'll cherish them. Like the bad ones use to be so sweet to me I just love it; but the sweetness just turned sour they became to sweet that it just burst from it. -sighs- I just love... how it use to be... *thinks* ANYWAYS. HAHA. THE dance is coming up. Once the Dance comes School really ends...though we have the picnic... it just so... emotional T______T; I think i need more time to be okay. I know I'll surely cry durring the ceremony. Some sensitive chick I am again. w/e 8th grade is worth it. 8th grade has it has it's ups & downs.and sometimes just the middle but what do you think it's Middle school go figure. It's all life on us. BUT OKAY. MY JOURNAL IS SO MIXED UP WITH  IDK WHAT. <3

Ps. don't ask me why I'm listening to that song. It's just addicting LOL. I CAN'T HELP IT. my classmates keeps singing it and I just started humming it out D: BS ME LOL. BUT YEAH. updating my journal watch me update it more (: since summer is almost here LOVE ; CELINE. BAI.
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09 May 2009 @ 09:52 am
Omg... I been spazzing out so much on my birthday, i was all
 "WEEEEEEEEEEE~ I GOT A NEW CAMERA" and stuff. and i had a bunch of cake, go figure. (: but. I wanted to update my livejournal it looks so boring! and the last time i even updated this thing was like in december. but yea, I been pretty happy/busy now. It's the end of the year for school so we have a lot of things to do still. (sumative due on monday/2projects due on the 21|22th/ like 7 exams coming out too) its so wild. > >; But today im not worring about that since I'm going to the mall today and betting me I'ma get something cute -coughcellphonecharmscough- (: 

But since school has been blocking my time, I don't usually have time to do gfx's and
graphic editing. :( But I try to have time to do it. lol. Like right now i have to make a signature for my in-game friend. and his girlfriend. with hearts and all.THEIR SO CUTE TOGETHER. (: I haven't be able to do anything now since I play Maplestory a lot recently. Since of that i don't usually do things other than hang out in real life with my friends. it's so wild with them like you're partying all the time its awesome! LOL. I enjoy being with my friends they're like my family. [: Seriously I won't live without them. DUDES IF YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE I FUCKING LOVE YOU TO DEAD THOUGH I DON'T SAY MUCH SHIT.

 { - - - - };
I just finished this post right after I went to the mall. Seriously I abuse my camera to much. :|. and no I will not
post a pic of me here. LUL. idk why i said that. God, my chatspeak is acting up again. Lately I been using idk, LUL, Lmao. etc. I was trying to break my habits. Lol, the mall is messed up nothing really nice there, if there was it was fucking expensive. I'm not fucking lying that's bs. ): since i don't have a job yet. -cries in my closet- ANYWAYS. I got a lot of shit to talk about. w/e i don't care if I start cussing :3 got a problem tell your parents, that you're gonna know it anyways ask them to teach you. OMG JKS. SERIOUSLY JK. PLEASE DON'T ASK THAT. = 3=; if you did you guys are losers. ANYWAYS, 8D I PROCASTANATE TO MUCH. w/e you spell it, so Lately I can't draw like normal looks. I can only do chibis ): my babys (pics) are so lonesome. LOL. AND. I NEED IDEAS. IM LIKE DYING IN CREATIVITY. = 3= -spazzes- Aren't I like awesome (: Ya know. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TODAY/TOMMOROW KAY? I KNOW IMA FORGET IT SOON
yay isn't life awesome? (: I know Right? I love it too.
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22 December 2008 @ 05:35 pm
Alrighty then; for my school, Tommorow is going to be our last day for this year. (N O T S C H O O L Y E A R). lol i wish.
Even though, my friends & I will be skating afterschool. :] I'm so siked to go, and my usual friend is always trying not to go, but I know she will love it. I haven't been ice skating like for about a year or two. Mehh. Now we invited about 15 people but i have no clue if they'll come or not. :3 But i know I'll be car pooling. Man, so much stress, and pressure; and we pulled it off. I got alot my pressure, by because I have a boyfriend again, and... it's to embrassing. o / / / o;;
M y v e r y ; B o r i n g ; L i f eCollapse )
 I would suggest the movie if your mature enough to handle it, also next time we are watching the Quest to the Holy Grail. :] Funny as hell. But yeah, now that i think everything is settle, just one more school day, and we are off to the rink. I bet I'll have a horrible time over there since I'll most likely to the suckest one there skating. lol. And so on some of my friends will be pursuring about "that" thing. :/ Who knows Holiday magic might work this year and something wonderfull will happened. BUT who knows it may be a down fall too. Well i'll wish everything will be alright. and I think this is the stupidest entry I ever written. OH WELLZ. :DD
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15 December 2008 @ 11:31 pm
The holiday season happens to overlap with cold and flu season (and not just the bottle flu). When you get sick, do you go to work or school anyway, or do you stay home to avoid spreading your germs?
I still go to school/and work. I can't miss out on anything since my education is important but i try not to cough as much as i usually would at home
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11 December 2008 @ 06:38 pm
i haven't wrote on this for like forever, so, i'm writing today, since tomorrow is one of my bestfriends last day. I'ma miss  him so much.
I gotten a new boyfriend over the past a year. And it's the last year for my Middle school life. I been getting busier and busier each time i come back home. Since I gotten more involed into school, I hardly go on and stay on, and also i haven't been drawing. :/ bleh. I been involed into Crunchyroll, so I been practicing my Photoshop skills, to make avatars, and even signatures, and icons. I'll most likely post some of them here for kicks. Still addicted to anime like always :] So asians as my friends say so, cramed up for school. Our lunch table changed so much. The ones who sat there always changes depending on who come's first. lol. :] always have 5 seats resevered since we are always there and then always every one or so seats come's up to anyone who get's there. So basiclly our lunch time is always different upon the day. I'm just blabbing now. o.O; oh well. I'm lazy to type on.
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15 June 2008 @ 06:21 pm
My personality type: the engaged idealist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!